Heartfelt pain

“Jackpot!!!!””I don make am oooooo!”

He screamed at the top of his lungs, his left hand clutching his falling trousers, his face glistening with sweat. The night air was still and humid, the night flies swirling lazily as if they too were exhausted with life.Inside the gambling house, noise reigned supreme as hot sticky bodies craned their necks to see who was screaming.

 Afam couldn’t believe it. He had finally won. After hundred tickets and five months of staying from 6pm to 12am everyday, he had won! Jackpot! Ah the word was sweet o. Naira signs floated in his head as hands thumped his back, congratulating him.

 “Ah I go show that useless Nkechi at Mama Obiora’s buka. She think say she na catch. With this money eh, na fine fine babes I go carry come that place. I go buy plenty goat meat pepper soup and na she go serve am. She go see say she lose big time.” He thought to himself as he grinned widely at his well wishers.

Hands pushed him towards the front where the bored patron stood with the winning ticket.

“Ticket number 48912?” Afam nodded enthusiastically. 

“Na me be dat. Dat na my ticket. Na me win.”

The man glanced at him up and down. “Show me your ticket”

He stretched out his hand where a crumbled paper lay.The patron picked it, his eyes scrunching a bit. Afam stood, his legs shifting from side to side, his body quivering.


He turned and shouted to someone the crowd couldn’t see. “Oya bring out today’s prize”. The door opened and Afam’s mouth dropped in shock.

“Oink oink oink”.

A pink snout shone. The prize was a pig.

Written Oruare Ojimadu

Image by Alexas_Fotos from pixabay.com

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