Meet Oruare!

Oruare Ojimadu

Storyteller & Writer

Hi, my name is Oruare Ojimadu. I am an avid reader and writer. I discovered the joy of reading at the tender age of five and it has been and still is an exciting journey. From the world of prince charming and the beautiful princess, the wicked step-mother to the the world of adult battles, romance and crime. Every step of the way is an exciting adventure. As much as possible, I want every one to have an experience in the world of stories.

I have degrees in civil engineering as well as water and environmental management and also passionate about reading and writing, creating stories is foremost. I love to write stories that bring smiles and joy as well as inspire and give instructive learnings. I spend a lot of time writing at the same time wife to Kenneth, one who supports my dreams and a mother to three lovely children.


For many years, I sought for books, magazines and anything worth reading. There are times I hit the jackpot, getting loads to read, other times I hit a dry spell. Finding a place later in life where I could read, finding a forum of readers and writers was a breakthrough for me. In starting, it was with the goal of:

  1. Providing a space where people could read and find joy.
  2. Provide a place of expression for my writing and also a platform for others who love to write or who wanted to explore the art of writing. 
  3. Encourage, inspire others to believe in themselves and express their dreams.
  4. Raise a generation of readers.

To this end, inspiring stories are set here, provide a platform to read, contribute and also learn writing tips and training together as we go on in the world of creating stories that touch lives.

What I do
  • Tell Stories
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  • Consult