Wind of Treachery Pt 4

Six months had passed. Dare noticed little actions and behaviours that he had never taken note of previously. He became extremely careful and always had Uvie close by. It was clear to both of them now that they were not safe and anyone of them could fall victim. Secretly, he met with his lawyers to ensure his assets were properly safeguarded and monitored according to his father’s wish that he had written in the letter explaining his paternity. 

Then the fateful journey.  It was meant to be a simple trip to the State capital for a friend’s wedding and back. There wasn’t any inkling of evil. As he drove out of their house with Uvie beside him, he noticed the brake didn’t work properly. 

“Dear, did you go out with the car yesterday?”

“Yes, I did but there wasn’t any problem.” Her face scrunched up as she remembered something.

β€œThat reminds me. I saw Ayo yesterday. “

His ears perked. “Did you at any time leave him alone with the car?”

She struggled to remember.

“Oh yes I did. I met him at the supermarket. As we spoke, I realized I forgot to purchase your brand of milk and shaving stick so I had to go back inside. He waited for me till I returned. Why?”

He didn’t answer.  He just packed the car at the kerb and stopped the ignition. 


“What is the problem?”

“He tampered with the brakes.” 

Horror filled her.

“How do you know?”

β€œI just had this car serviced two days ago for this trip. The brakes are not responding the way they should. I am afraid Ayo wants to ensure we are eliminated once and for all especially since we are not going with any driver this time.”

Uvie fell silent. 

“Enough is enough.”

He snapped out of the reverie as the priest started praying. He looked towards his brother’s direction. His head as well as his wife was bowed as the prayed together with the others. He laughed cynically.  How ironic that all who saw him, thought he was a loving brother. He knew otherwise. Ayo and his wife thought they were burying the ashes of their bodies they got from the car wreck. It hadn’t been easy but with money anything could be done. A pity he couldn’t tell Ani. His eyes flickered to where his friend was weeping uncontrollably. 

“You have to tell him you know.”

Uvie spoke beside him.

“Yes I will soon.”

He looked at her lovingly as he placed his hand on her slightly swollen stomach.

“Today marks the end of a dynasty, one that unfortunately at the end was ruined by greed. Together, you and I are starting another, built on love sealed with this child you are carrying.”

He smiled and turned to look at his brother and family.

If only they knew today marked the end of this present lifestyle. I have spoken to my lawyers. The attempts on our lives will not be made public but all their assets seized. A fat envelope awaits them after the ceremony. “

Uvie grasped his hand.

“What of your mother?”

“Don’t worry.  She will be taken care of until she leaves this world. Come on let’s go.”

Taking a last look at the scene before them, they turned, arm in arm and walked slowly away.


Written by Oruare Ojimadu

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

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