Ripple Effect

A little misstep, a costly repercussion. In life, little things can cause a ripple effect- either good or bad. Many times, we make decisions without thinking of the future. Ripple effects I will call it. Imagine throwing a pebble in a calm lake. See those little concentric circles that form around the spot you dropped the pebble? They are called ripples. In that moment, the calm serene water is troubled. Now depending on the size of the stone and the magnitude of force with which you dropped the stone, the ripple effect can go for miles or stop after a few metres. The same with our actions.  A singular action can affect your immediate family or the community or in worse case scenario, generations unborn.

Let’s look at the story of Adam and Eve. Everything was perfect. A wonderful atmosphere, all they ever wanted to eat or drink. A paradise I call it. Then! Wham! The snake came and whispered quietly into Eve’s ear. The result- total banjshmement from paradise. Just for a bite of apple. Some lessons can be learnt from here.

  1. In every paradise, not everyone is pleased with the peace and tranquility you enjoy and will do what they can to pull you down.
  2. Your spirit of discernment should always be at alert. Not every attractive thing is a good thing. Be careful!
  3. Once you have discovered a misstep, a wrong decision, do not try to cover it up. It only leads to greater problems. Eve and Adam lied and ultimately lost their place in paradise.
  4. The ripple effect of sin, a wrong decision, has far reaching consequences. For Adam and Eve, hardship followed, disunity in their home.
  5. Do you realise that that act of telling a lie creeped into their lineage? Unknowingly Cain did the same thing..lying when God questioned him about his brother, Abel. The actions that we take are unwittingly carried out also by our children.

For every decision you take or about to take, weigh it. Is it in line with God’s will for you or it is for you to satisfy your own curiosity? Take a breather before every decision or step. Remember the ripple effect!

Written by Oruare Ojimadu

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay